"Why should I sing/praise/worship God?"

A better question we should ask ourselves is, "Why shouldn't I?" We should sing/praise/worship God for two reasons:
Worship draws us near to God.
We should sing/praise/worship God because worship draws us "near" to Him. There is so much value in just drawing near to God (Psalm 65:4). When we worship God in "spirit and in truth" (John 4:24) we can truly experience God drawing "near" (Psalm 22:3).
Worship is based on His greatness, not ours.
Often we "worship" God when we "feel" like it. The truth is this: God never changes! He is always holy, just, righteous, loving, kind...the list goes on! He is always worthy of our praise: regardless of how we are feeling-mentally, physically, or spiritually (Psalm 18:1-3). 

Corporate Worship Made Simple

I want to talk about just one main idea in regard to Worship. There are hundreds of verses that deal with the worship of God, but hopefully this will simplify what corporate worship is about here at Good News Family Fellowship and why it is an important part of our worship service.
When the body of Christ gathers to worship God, He draws near or "inhabits" that worship of Him. 
"Yet You are holy, O You who are enthroned upon the praises of Israel." (Psalm 22:3) 
Jesus speaking,"For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst." (Matthew 18:20)
Let's break the first verse:
"enthroned": to sit, remain, dwell:- abide, dwells, enthroned, inhabits, lurking, occupied, remain, stays, taken his seat
"praises": praise, song of praise:- praise, praises, praising, song of praise
God is omnipresent. That is the notion that God is "present" everywhere. He can be in all places at all times. Let me give you a picture. A father and a child can both be "present" in the same house, but not necessarily in the same room. They are both "present" in the house. The parent is present, but is perhaps not in plain view of the child. They could even be in the same room, but perhaps something is blocking the child's ability to see the parent. Worship or praising God is like that child calling out to his/her parents and the parent drawing nearer to the child. If you have ever been around a child, there are a variety of ways this "calling out" can occur. It is often a verbal lifting of the voice "MOM!" or "DAD!" (Psalm 55:16). It can be a physical lifting of the hands,"Pick me up" (Psalm 28:2). It might be kneeling out of brokeness (Psalm 34:18). It could be a cry for "HELP!" (Psalm 69:18). God desires to draw near to us. The question remains: do you want to draw near to Him? 

The People

Worship Team
Billy Gerry (Lead Keyboard/Electronic Drums/Vocals)
Robin Eng (Vocals)
Bernie Orina (Vocals)
Susan Bollinger (Vocals)
Curt Holman (Vocals/Guitar)
Maureen Conley (Vocals)
Sound/ Tech Team
Kyle Jones (Sound Board and Projection Tech)
Steve LaPorte (Projection Tech)
Kathy Dombrowski (Projection Tech)
Bill Gordon (Sound Board)
Ken Moulder (Sound Board)


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